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The SUB 8003-AS II Active Subwoofer from RCF is equipped with a 2200W digital amplifier that has an aluminum structure and assists in heat dissipation. It has an input board that features stereo XLR inputs and stereo XLR link-crossover outputs with switchable crossover frequencies for satellite systems. The system has a built-in DSP with selectable presets that adapts to RCF's active 2-way speakers. It is suitable for 12" or 15" active speakers in the Live Sound series such as ART 7 and 4PRO, as well as D-Line series. The system accepts female XLR input connectors and line-level signals from a mixing console or other signal source.

With control range from 99 dB gain reduction (maximum attenuation) to 0 dB gain reduction (maximum input gain), the encoder controls the overall signal level at the input to the power amplifier and provides a time delay setting expressed in meters. It provides 24 dB/octave low-pass filters with four choices (60 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz, 125 Hz) and high-pass filters with two choices (30 Hz or 40 Hz) for eight preset combinations. The cardioid presets are available for all 30 Hz high-pass presets. You can change the two XLR output to XOVER output by pressing the LINK/XOVER button. You can create subwoofer cardioid systems using groups of two or three modules.

Rear encoder to select two groups of low-pass filter presets, one with 30 Hz high pass and one with 40 Hz high pass

Former with triple thickness transfers the sound to the cone accurately

Bass-reflex design that produces high SPL by reducing distortion

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