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Raising the bar above the previous generation of UltraLite, the MOTU UltraLite-mk5 desktop 18x22 USB Type-C audio/MIDI interface provides a slew of enhancements inside MOTU ULTRALITE-MK5 and out, from its fresh appearance and simplified operation to updated DACs and improved analog performance. With its flexible connectivity, generous software bundle, virtual loopback function, and host-based or standalone use, the UltraLite-mk5 is equally advantageous for musicians, producers, podcasters, and content creators.

The mic preamps on the UltraLite now deliver up to +74 dB of gain, more than enough to get a robust recording level even from low-output dynamic mics. The two combo inputs can also accept line/instrument sources while the six rear-panel 1/4" inputs are dedicated for line-level sources. Thanks to the 10 DC-coupled line outputs and stereo headphone out, the interface can easily feed speakers, cans, and outboard gear. Plus, 10 channels of digital audio I/O and traditional MIDI I/O are present, should you need to integrate the UltraLite-mk5 with more complex setups.


The UltraLite-mk5 includes renowned ESS Sabre32 DAC technology, featuring the ES9026PRO DAC, to deliver measured 125 dB dynamic range and -114 dB THD+N along with high-resolution support up to 24-bit / 192 kHz. Renowned drivers deliver rock-solid performance and industry-leading low latency.


Flexible XLR/TRS combo jacks let you plug in mics, guitars, and/or line inputs. Add individual 48V phantom power if needed, adjust level with trim and pad, and start recording. Apply reverb, EQ, and compression to the mix in your headphones, to the recorded tracks, or both.

The headphone output mirrors the main outs, but it can also mirror any other output pair. You can even create your own independent headphone mix. Push the volume knob to control main out volume.

Each mic input has +74 dB of independent preamp gain, a -20 dB pad, and 48V phantom power for condenser mics. Use the rotary encoders for quick access to basic settings from the front panel.

The bright, crisp, high-resolution OLED provides long-throw metering for all analog I/O, plus activity indicators for digital audio and MIDI I/O.


As an interface or mixer, the UltraLite-mk5 provides 18 inputs and 22 outputs, for a total of 40 simultaneous, independent I/O channels. You get two mic/line/instrument inputs on XLR-1/4" combo jacks, six 1/4" TRS balanced line inputs, 10 DC-coupled 1/4" TRS balanced line outputs, a 1/4" front-panel headphone out, stereo coaxial S/PDIF I/O, and 8-channel optical I/O. The optical ports alternatively support stereo TOSLINK (optical S/PDIF). Traditional 5-pin MIDI input and output ports are also provided.

USB Class Compliance

The UltraLite-mk5 is USB audio class compliant, giving you plug-and-play compatibility with iPad and other Apple iOS devices. Record on-the-go, directly to your iPad, or play backing tracks during a gig, mixed with your live inputs with the UltraLite-mk5's built-in mixing. Control everything from the CueMix 5 mixing app on your iPad. The interface has a USB Type-C port and is compatible with USB Type-A. Mac and Windows drivers are available for low-latency operations (2.4 ms roundtrip latency). The external power supply ensures stable operation whether you use the UltraLite-mk5 standalone or with a host.

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