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AlphaTheta Launches the euphonia Professional Rotary Mixer equipped with Rupert Neves Designs Transformer.

AlphaTheta Corporation announces the release of the euphonia from its AlphaTheta brand, a professional 4-channel rotary mixer that creates an amazingly natural and smooth mixing experience.

The euphonia builds on 30 years of audio technology and innovation while paying homage to rotary mixers, which are known for their unique sound quality and playability that enables deep musical immersion. This is the first mixer to bear the AlphaTheta name and it’s the company’s first-ever rotary unit.

“We’re so pleased to introduce the euphonia professional rotary mixer,” said Yoshinori Kataoka, AlphaTheta’s President and CEO. “Having watched the DJM Series evolve since I helped develop the first model in 1995, the DJM-500, I have a special feeling about the euphonia. It’s inspired by our customers’ love of music and our dream to create a new expression of the DJ mixer. We’re truly excited to witness the euphonia’s unique sound bringing excitement and inspiration to DJs and their audiences.”

The all-new 4-channel euphonia delivers a euphoric musical experience that combines the clarity of digital and the richness of analog. This holy grail of sound characteristics is made possible by the high-resolution wide-ranging sound design and the inclusion of an analog transformer circuit, co-developed with Rupert Neve Designs, which enhances harmonics in the music to create an energetic and polished sound that enables smooth mixing.

Once users have fallen in love with the sound, they’ll notice the supreme feel of the uniquely developed rotary faders which have been carefully designed to make them feel a deeper connection with the euphonia. The 3Band Master Isolator was also custom designed so users can make dynamic changes to the music and have more sensory control over the sound. Going one step further, users can turn their spontaneous musical inspiration into impactful sound by using the 3Band Master Isolator in combination with the new Boost Send feature for powerful performances.

All this is just the tip of the euphonia’s “iceberg” as the mixer also features an Energy Visualizer, built-in Send FX, and multiple inputs and outputs to enable users to take their musical expression to the next level. The sound produced by the euphonia immerses users deeper in the music and promises richer musical experiences.

Euphoric sound with digital clarity and analog polish from Rupert Neve Designs transformer

The euphonia produces a euphoric sound with the clarity of digital and the richness of analog unlike any DJ mixer. To deliver a clearer sound quality that accurately reproduces the expression of the music, the euphonia uses high- quality 32-bit A/D and D/A converters as well as 96 kHz/64-bit floating point mixing processing operations in the digital signal processor (DSP), utilizing the digital signal processing technology AlphaTheta has developed over many years. All sound coming out of the euphonia passes through a transformer circuit co-designed by AlphaTheta and Rupert Neve Designs, the legendary makers of outstanding analog audio circuitry and mixing desks revered by artists and sound engineers around the world. This transformer circuit, tuned specifically for the euphonia, adds harmonics to the music and creates a glossy and energetic sound that’s smoother for mixing . Low frequencies such as kicks and bass are more stable and punchier. Mid frequencies like vocals and instruments have more presence and gloss, and high frequencies such as hi-hats sound silky and natural. The transformer breaks down the barrier between vintage live and modern electric sounds, making mixing easier and surprisingly natural, as if recordings in different styles were originally one piece of music.

Specially developed rotary fader makes you feel at one with the music

To enhance euphonia’s intuitive mixing experience, the unit is loaded with rotary faders that feature a brand-new carefully developed design to help give DJs a deeper connection. Elastomer is applied to the outer circumference of each knob to ensure a high level of vibration absorption and a comfortable and reliable grip. The uniquely developed mechanism for the faders also benefits from optimum weighting. DJs will notice a difference in the feel of the knobs when turned at different speeds, as a higher load is applied when DJs turn knobs slowly for delicate fine-tuning and a lower load level is applied when DJs turn a knob quickly to instantly reach the desired volume level. Additionally, the euphonia’s fader volume curves are optimized through extensive DJ feedback, to deliver smooth and natural mixing without equalizing to allow DJs to concentrate on volume control.

Energy Visualizer for understanding overall sound at first glance

Get an instant visual grasp of the status of the mix and balance of track volume levels through euphonia’s Energy Visualizer. Conventional Volume Unit (VU) meters only have 1 needle meter, making it difficult for DJs to grasp multiple channel levels at the same time. The euphonia's uniquely developed Mix Level Meter features a needle meter for each channel to allow DJs to visually check the levels for all channels and mix smoothly while maintaining the groove. DJs can also keep an eye on the balance of the Master output by viewing the Spectrum Analyzer which helps to keep mixes sounding consistent and smooth, even in a long set, by allowing DJs to “watch” the euphonia’s output and adjust it to create the desired sound.

Next-generation 3Band Master Isolator that transforms sensibility into sound at your will

Enjoy a higher level of sensory control over the music with the euphonia’s unique 3Band Master Isolator. Features include:

Highest-quality isolator

The size of the isolator knobs is perfect for rapid turns from center to maximum or minimum, and the torque load is perfectly balanced for both quick operation and fine sound quality adjustment, with a luxurious feel that’s not too light. The cut-off frequency and slope are set to control and highlight the kick, melody, and rhythm bands in a natural yet sharp manner.

Brand-new Boost Send for one-handed effects application

DJs can add one of the built-in Send Effects, or an effect from an external unit to the sound of any of the Master Isolator frequency bands. They then press the Boost Send button for the low, mid, or high band

and apply the effect by turning the isolator knob. This enables DJs to apply effects with a single hand in a way that previously needed two, leaving the other hand free for mixing another track.

Boost Level to help DJs express their style

DJs can select the Boost Level setting that suits their playing style, and the volume level of each frequency band will be increased by the relevant amount. Choose +12dB for dynamic performances, +6dB for sound quality adjustments, and 0dB for reverb effects without any volume boost.

Built-in Send FX to bring depth and breadth to music

The euphonia features 5 built-in spatial effects and a high-pass filter that allows DJs to easily add depth and breadth to music. Spatial effects include Delay, Tape Echo, Echo Verb, Reverb, Shimmer, and HPF (high-pass filter). There’s also a Send/Return section that gives DJs the option to connect external effects units. A dedicated knob on each channel enables DJs to adjust the send level going to the selected effect to help apply the right amount. Additionally, the Time knob which allows DJs to adjust the effect delay and reverb time, offers a proprietary design that automatically switches between clicking or no-clicking sensation depending on the effect selected. When using Delay, Tape Echo, and Echo Verb, the knob clicks according to the BPM to quickly apply effects. When using Reverb and Shimmer, there’s no clicking, and DJs turn the knob freely to perform smooth sweeps or make tiny adjustments to find the perfect setting.

Design that embodies a new era of rotary mixer

AlphaTheta designed euphonia to represent new era of rotary mixers, with a “two-tone, two-layer” look symbolizing tradition and innovation. The channel strip section, which comprises traditional mixer elements, is distinguished from the innovative display section by matte and gloss textures, resulting in a crisp design that combines analog and digital elements. The copper color of the primary knobs conveys the warmness of analog sound, and the black wood side panels blend in with the euphonia’s overall aesthetic.

  • Includes Send/Return and Master Insert to connect external effects units
  • Digital (coaxial) in terminal
  • Built-in USB Type-C audio interface for PC/Mac
  • Compatible with rekordbox DJ software
  • Compatible with Serato DJ Pro DJ software (license needed)
  • 2Band Booth EQ
  • Lockable Power Cord (not available in some regions)
  • AlphaTheta Care extended warranty service

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